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Pre & Post Op

Total Skin Solution

To ensure you achieve the best possible results, it's essential to properly care for your skin post-treatment. Our aftercare instructions are designed to help you minimize any discomfort, prevent complications, and maximize the effectiveness of your treatment. Follow these easy steps to keep your skin looking its best and enjoy the full benefits of your Total Skin Solution, LaseMD Ultra, or RF Microneedling experience.


Post-treatment Care

Please Read Entirely

  • You may experience a burning sensation for 1-2 hours immediately after your treatment. Cooling with an ice pack can provide relief to the treated area but is usually not needed. Make sure to enclose the ice pack in sterile and dry gauze to prevent water from penetrating the tissue in the treated area.

  • Keep the treatment area moisturized with an approved, safe moisturizer.

  • On the second day, gently wash and pat the skin gently dry for the next two days.  Do not scrub or exfoliate the treated area.  Continue to moisturize daily.  The sandpapery crust and texture of your skin will separate naturally within 5-7 days after the treatment. When your skin texture returns to normal, you may resume your normal skin care routine.

  • Please do not use cosmetics which contain active ingredients such as Retinol, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), or alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) after treatment for one week without prior permission from the doctor.  Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (THD) is a highly stable form of vitamin C which is lipid (fat) soluble and is acceptable for use following a LaseMD Ultra treatment (please abstain for 24 hours for microneedling).

  • Avoid exercising for the first day post-treatment or until initial healing has occurred. Increased redness may result from any activity that increases blood flow or body temperature (e.g. alcohol consumption, exercise, and sauna).

  • Avoid using cosmetics containing alcohol for at least 1 week after treatment.

  • For at least 20 days after treatment, apply UV A/B sunblock daily with SPF of at least 25. Use an umbrella, hat or any other available protection against sunlight while spending time outdoors.  (If your treatment included RF microneedling, please abstain from SPF for 24 hours post treatment.)

  • As always, please contact us with any questions or concerns.


What Should I Put on My Skin and When?

​We know there are a million skin care products for you to choose from.  Since you have invested in the top skin treatment on the market, we want to ensure that your home products match this level of quality.  Therefore, we only endorse the products we have already vetted and offer in our office.  These are products that do not contain preservatives, parabens or artificial ingredients and are safe to use with all of our in-office procedures.  

If you purchased a multi-session package of LaseMD or RF micro needling treatments, you have received a Dr. Gregg Skin Procedure Enhancement Kit.  This has everything you need to get you through the next 10 days!  This kit may also be purchased separately from our office and through our website (which we highly recommend!).

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Immediately After Your Procedure
We Did This in the Office for You!


Evening of Procedure


Daily Products
for Days 2-10 post-procedure

Morning / Evening:

Morning Only:

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