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At Dr. Gregory Martin, DDS we are a fully digital office—from paperless x-rays and charts, to digital impressions.

We believe that your dental health extends far beyond your smile and is an integral component of your overall well-being. At Dr. Gregory Martin DDS we are proud to offer a modern approach to traditional dentistry alongside an array of health, beauty and cosmetic services.


Comfortable & Relaxing Dentist Office Visits

At Dr. Gregory Martin, DDS, we work tirelessly to ensure a pleasant and comfortable visit. Our brand new all-inclusive fully digital office with state-of-the-art technology and friendly staff eases even the most dentist-shy patients.


The Place That You Knew With a Small Twist or Two

In addition to comprehensive dental services, we are excited to offer an expanding array of cosmetic procedures to create a full service one-stop-shop for your dental and facial cosmetic aesthetic needs.

Comprehensive Dentistry

Botox & Fillers

LaseMD Ultra Laser

Microneedling & Skin Tightening

Hair-loss Treatment

TotalSkin Solution

Tattoo Removal

Hollywood Laser Peel


Dr. Gregg's Skin Care

Cosmeceutical-grade dermatologist-recommended skincare products at an affordable price. Dr. Gregg Skin combines high quality, potent, and paraben-free active ingredients with the latest in skincare technologies for improved, targeted delivery into the skin.



Your Inclusive Washington D.C. Dentist

Dr. Gregory Martin grew up in Fairfax County, Virginia and has spent his entire life in the Washington DC metropolitan region. He completed his undergraduate studies in Mathematics earning both a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and a Masters of Science in mathematics and statistics from Georgetown University. During this time he volunteered as a dental assistant at a community health clinic in Washington DC. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland School of Dentistry where he earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery and completed their oral surgery clerkship program.

Dr. Martin is an active participant in both local and national continued education courses and local study groups. He places high importance on the use and implementation of cutting edge technology in the dental field and the benefits of practicing digital dentistry. Formerly a high school mathematics teacher, Dr. Martin loves teaching and spends time with every patient explaining their treatment in clear and concise ways that empower them to better understand dentistry and take control of their oral health. In his spare time Dr. Martin enjoys fitness and has been a group fitness instructor in Washington, DC for the past twelve years. He plays the trumpet, piano and is fluent in German.


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