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Patients are welcome to choose a complimentary single session from one of the following:

New Patient 

Our mission is to set ourselves apart and celebrate our patients' successes at every step of their journey. To help get you started, we offer each of our new dental patients a New Patient Gift.

Improve the appearance of the skin in both the short run and the long term. This procedure results in instant rejuvenation of the face.

Our device has shown the potential to be twice as fast as other lasers used for hair removal (small area)

Precisely controlled energy delivers direct muscle activation treatments for an improved aesthetic appearance and core strength.

Smooth away skin imperfections and turn back the clock on your complexion with the famous no-downtime Hollywood Laser Peel.

In addition to the above, all dental patients enjoy reduced pricing on cosmetic Botox as well as unlimited free tattoo removal treatments.

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